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The funniest stuffs that happens

Hey guys! Something happen at school yesterday. It was funny! Let me tell you what had happened!

During Mdm Haszia lesson in class, Chirstopher accidently spilled water on his pants. Then dunno who shouted Chirstopher pee in class. I think Mdm Haszia heard it. Christopher said that his pants is wet and wanted to get it change. Mdm Haszia asked him” What you want to wear?”. Then Ferris shouted” Diapers!!”. My goodness it was so funny that the whole class laughed to death. Haha!! 😀 So funny! Although, Mdm Haszia didn’t laughed like what we did, I think maybe she went home laughed even serious then us! HAHAHAHA!!

Then finally after school, need to go student care. So boring there!! I mean damn damn BORING!! But still something funny happens. Taufiq got slapped by my brother for taking his things. Taufiq really deserve it as my brother hate people take his things without his permission. When Taufiq got slapped, his spectacles dropped on the ground and he stared at my brother. It so sooo funny that me and Vennice can’t stop laughing. The people at student care thought that the both of us are CRAZY!! HAHA!!

So many funny things happened in the same day! Haha! 😀 Got to go. Bye


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