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Some Enemies in my Class, their Weight!

February 9, 2010 1 comment

Do u want to know my enemies weight? If yes, continue reading , u will all be totally satisfied with it!

1. Leong Wei Cong: 47kg

2. Christopher Tay Ze En: 46kg

3. Tay Kai Wen: 27kg                                                                                              

4. Sahana ( dunno the full name. cos don’t bother.) : 23kg

Leong Wei Cong, u see him at school normal normal lah, rite? Of course lah. But when he go out and wear normal home t-shirts, never wear spectacles, he look like a ‘ ah-peh’ or ‘ ah-gua’. Somemore with his big tummy showing out.

Next, Christopher Tay Ze En, Surely no problem. But his behaviour and dressing very BAD! ( Super Duper BAD). Talking about his behaviour, very childish like a 3 year old kid. Always got beaten up by girls. Haha! He is like a ‘ dan-xiao-gui ‘. ( Scary Mouse ).

Follow by, Tay Kai Wen, very short, very small in size and around the same height as Sahana. ( He is even shorter then me, u know that! ) He normally want to scold others, will copy the line of words that others said. He would always use one sentence that i invented, ‘白痴说疯话 ’. He is such a copycat, whats more it is a big one.

Finally the last one, Sahana, always thinking that she is always correct. Correct? Hmm…. Her head lah.  Act, act in front of the teachers somemore. Thinking that the teachers will believe her. Haha! She is not always correct, my P6 teacher, knows all of her tricks. I shall see how long this will actually take her on the journey in furture. She is still so smelly. With her around, we will always have air pollutions in our life. She is still so blacky and dirty! OMG!!

That all! My fingers so tired after typing for so long! See you again, when i am free.

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Leong Wei Cong Pee Pee in the class, 6B!!

February 9, 2010 1 comment

OMG!! Such terrible stuff happens at P6 too! I have always thought that only P1 does that kind of stuff maybe i was wrong. Even P6 does it too! Not all of course, its only the big name, ‘ LEONG WEI CONG ‘ does it to pee pee in the class. It happens during Mdm Haszia ‘s during English lesson. The End, nothing else to post.

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My ICT Project!

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Nw having ICT lesson at computer lab level 3! The computers are damn SLOW and OLD i must say! I have invented a ‘nice’ sentence which is ‘ Stupid Computers With Stupid School!! Haha! So what do u think of that sentence? FANTASTIC rite? Love ICT lesson sometimes but this time is different, i can USE the COMPUTER after i have finish my project! COOL MAN!! Anyway, having another post in different tittle! 🙂


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