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Hello Frens!!

Hello Everyone!! (Sorry for my poor starting.)This my 3rd time trying to make a good blog! The previous 2 blogs i created one of it i forgot my password and the other i boring so i deleted it. Since this my 3rd time having a blog, i am more familar with stuff. ( except for links probably. ) Muahahahaha…. 😀 Dunno what to continue writing. So embrassing!! Alamak why say the same line that Auntie Lucy said. Do you know who is Auntie Lucy? If not, you are going to the wrong time generation!! Auntie Lucy is as popular as the Mediacorp Channel 8 princesses. Dunno call Auntie Lucy she or him. Anyway  Auntie Lucy can also play basketball. Aiyo, got carried away! Haha 🙂 Maybe that all i could write and post about! Do leave your comments behind, i would be glad to know. 🙂 Later still want to play. Bye Bye, Peepers!! 😀



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  1. Joyce
    December 9, 2009 at 3:29 am

    I think u should call auntie lucy a She coz it is auntie mah.Are ua fan of auntie lucy? well, if u wan 2 reply, please leave a comment @ my blog at


    For ur blog, i think it is very good liao. ya, good job n nice blog.

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